The primary objective of this stakeholder’s meeting was:

  1. To provide an overview of the TRiAD study among DR-TB stakeholders
  2. To identify high level implementation gaps and proffer solutions.
  3. To delineate roles and responsibilities among stakeholders towards TRiAD study implementation.

Forty-one participants attended the meeting in person. This consist of: the National Tuberculosis Control Programme (NTBLCP) coordinator as well as thematic unit leads from the national program; representatives from the NTBLCP partnering institutions such as, KNCV, Stop-TB, Damien foundation, GLRA, USAID, WHO and the IHVN TRiAD country team members. In addition, state TB program managers and team from the five proposed study states for the TRiAD study were also present.

Summary of agenda of Stakeholders engagement meeting

  • Meeting Objectives
  • TRiAD study Overview
  • Study Roadmap
  • Support & expectations from the NTBLCP
  • Breakout session: Study enrollment plan per state
  • Comments and discussions
  • Next steps


  • Breakout sessions were held with the different thematic teams (lab, clinical and pharmacy) to strategize on the best approach towards study implementation at the states.
  • Potential gaps which may impact on achieving study enrollment targets were identified.
  • Stakeholders assured their full support and total buy-in of study processes.


  • Update meetings on study progress should be held periodically to communicate and promptly tackle gaps and bottle necks identified during study implementation.
  • The NTBLCP and state TB program should be kept abreast throughout the study life-cycle for smooth collaboration and support.
  • In order to meet-up with enrollment targets in accordance to the study timeline, higher yielding sites were suggested by the state TB program to replace some study sites initially selected.

Next Steps
To plan for study initiation and activation at the study sites in Plateau state in March, 2022